<![CDATA[Save Me, I'm Yours - Blog]]>Mon, 11 Sep 2017 07:34:00 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Operation Underground Railroad]]>Mon, 11 Sep 2017 12:39:56 GMThttp://savemeimyours.com/blog/operation-underground-railroadI showed up September 9th to run the 5k in support of O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad) I used the restroom and missed the race. I had the hopes of metaphorically stating that I would walk to the ends of the earth if I thought it would make a difference. Just because I missed the race doesn’t mean I can’t still make a difference.
After I did my research and published my book I developed my logo and thought I would use it to spread the word about ritual abuse. I am not the only one. Survivorship has their own logo. The race for O.U.R. was very well organized and the organization is not just one person wishing the world knew what she knew.
Operation Underground Railroad partners with governments and other agencies around the world to rescue and arrest buyers and human traffickers, raise awareness, and support aftercare for survivors. This organization is doing the work that one little person like myself cannot do. Spreading the awareness that O.U.R. is out there the most productive use of my time and effort.
I had a dream. I saw an aerial view of a crowd of people in a circle. The middle was empty but they formed a large circle and were turning. It looked like a hurricane. Then I saw a view of people arranged so that there was a center person with lines of people coming out from the center like spokes in a wheel. Then I saw it fill in and begin to turn and the center became empty again until it was the turning storm again. It is more powerful to have a crowd of people close together around a central idea, than to have branches of people around a person.
O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad) is organized to defeat Sex Trafficking. While there is much more to ritual abuse than sex trafficking, sex trafficking is a large part of what they do. It is the trauma in trauma based mind control.
I have felt alone since I wrote my book and designed my logo. There is not a lot one person can do and my ultimate hope was to do something about the abuse of loved ones and others. I believe my effort is better spent supporting the work of O.U.R. I am just one person. An underground railroad is what I wanted all along. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. I will become one head in the spinning storm.
What We Can Do to Help:
  1. Talk to our friends and family about sex trafficking (There were children at the race. A woman asked a little boy if he knew why he was there. He did. He was there to help rescue children from bad people.)
  2. Support O.U.R. Visit OURrescue. org to learn more about what you can do.
  3. Be aware of warning signs and vulnerabilities. (There are a few specific to ritual abuse. That’s where books like mine help. Is a child asking whether an eyeball can be put inside them?) If you suspect someone may be a victim of human trafficking, call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1 888-373-7888 or text 233733 (BeFree). What I have needed is evidence. They will too, but we are not alone in the fight.
I developed my logo and opened a store with Cafepress. I can’t lower the prices. Cafépress sets them. Still, this is a glimpse at where I have been
. http://www.cafepress.com/savemeimyours
This is the logo to get behind to support action now http://ourrescue.org
<![CDATA[Founders of Planned Parenthood]]>Thu, 20 Jul 2017 19:49:22 GMThttp://savemeimyours.com/blog/founders-of-planned-parenthoodMy aunt tells me that the founder of planned parenthood was racist and founded planned parenthood to reduce the children born into black communities. 

My aunt mentioned a family member, a black woman married to a woman. (My aunt apologized for calling her black...). My aunt loves them. 

My aunt and I agree that politics have polarized America to create a possible civil war of biblical proportions. 

The women who founded Planned Parenthood are: 
Margaret Sanger
Fabian Mindell
Ethel Bryne

The new propaganda among those opposed to planned parenthood point to the founders and accuse them of the promotion of eugenics. The “eugenics” of Margaret Sanger is a lifting up of those in poverty. A woman in poverty becomes trapped in a lifetime of poverty when she is not financially capable of supporting a child and has a baby because she has no choice. 

When provided the option of waiting until a woman is in a better position financially to care for a child, she creates a better life for herself, her children, and the rest of the world as well. 

It's true that most women who would benefit from birth control, due to poverty, are women of color. It is not true that Margaret Sanger viewed birth control as only for women of color. The agenda behind birth control according to the founders of planned parenthood was to eliminate back alley abortion that took the lives of women who were denied access to medical abortion.
<![CDATA[April 12th, 2017]]>Wed, 12 Apr 2017 20:46:28 GMThttp://savemeimyours.com/blog/the-survivorship-ritual-abuse-and-mind-control-conference-2017<![CDATA[Exam ]]>Sat, 18 Mar 2017 05:05:37 GMThttp://savemeimyours.com/blog/examExam
Answer True or False 
1. There were eclectic, secret society occult organizations claiming to be branches of the Illuminati and the Templars and utilizing the structure of the Masons just before the rise of Nazi Germany. 
True or False 
2. Adolf Hitler was a disciple of an occult fraternity which styled itself after Masons and claimed a heritage linked to the Templars. 
True or False 
3. The Nazi SS considered themselves to be an occult fraternity of warrior monks. They referred to themselves as "The Black Order". 
True or False 
4. Dr. Josef Mengele conducted extremely sadistic mind control experiments in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. 
True or False 
5. American intelligence agencies provided visas to Nazi War criminals after WW2 in exchange for information and scientific skills. 
True or False
6. Nazis brought to the US under Operation Paperclip were provided a cover job at Radio Liberty from which they dispense Illuminati conspiracy theory propaganda. 
True or False 
7. MK-Ultra was an operation in mind control conducted by the CIA without the knowledge of the executive branch until 1994.
True or False 
8. Unwitting American citizens were used as subjects in Project MK-Ultra. 
True or False 
9. Mike Warnke claimed to have inside information regarding the occult organization the Illuminati. He describes rites he himself devised which included rape and initiation rites which included cutting off the fingers of devotees. 
True or False 
10. Mike Warnke went on to become an evangelical preacher. 
True or False 
11. John Todd Collins preached regarding the Illuminati and New World Order claiming government leaders were involved in the occult order.
True or False 
12. John Todd Collins was charged with rape. 
True or False 
13. John Todd Collins claimed to have met President Kennedy on a yacht after President Kennedy was assassinated, and that the assassination was staged.
True or False 
14. John Todd Collins personally influenced Randy Weaver and his family who believed his rhetoric about the Illuminati and the New World Order. 
True or False
15. Randy Weaver was involved with the Aryan Nation and standoff with the FBI at his cabin at Ruby Ridge. Outside his cabin he raised a sign that read "STOP THE NEW WORLD ORDER". 
True or False
16. Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips wrote a book claiming that Cathy is a victim of sadistic mind control of prominent government figures. Mark and Cathy speak of government officials’ involvement in the occult and plotting for a New World Order.
True or False 
17. Cult specialist Steve Hassen recognized that Cathy O'Brien was under a mind control spell of her handler Mark Phillips.
True or False 
18. Radio Liberty continues to broadcast Illuminati conspiracy theories. There were many fake news sources in 2016 declaring involvement of government officials in a plot to bring about a New World Order and/or involvement in the occult Illuminati. 
True or False 
19. Media sources that push Illuminati conspiracy theories consistently supported Donald Trump and demonized Hillary Clinton and President Obama during the 2016 election. 
True or False 
20. Media sources that distribute Illuminati-New World Order conspiracy theories consistently support citizen militias, white supremacists and the alt-right. 
True or False 
Essay questions: 
In your own words present an argument for or against the likelihood that there is an underground occult secret society organization using Masonic structures. 
In your own words present an argument for or against the possibility that said secret society would be associated with white supremacists and promotes fascism. 
In your own words would said secret society support Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton and President Obama and support your argument. 
What have you learned from this course and how can you use what you have learned in your life today. 

All answers are true. 

Loftus, J. (1982/2011). America’s Nazi Secret, Walterville, OR:
TrineDay LLC.
Goodrick-Clark, N. (1985/1992). The Occult Roots of Nazism:
Secret Aryan Cults and Their Influence on Nazi Ideology, Washington Square, New         York: New York University Press.
Walter, J. (1995). Every Knee Shall Bow: The Truth & Tragedy of
Ruby Ridge & The Randy Weaver Family, New York, N.Y.: Regan Books an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.
Warnke, M. (1972). The Satan Seller, South Plainfield, NJ: Bridge
Hicks, D. E. & Lewis, Dr. D. A. (1979). The Todd Phenomenon: Ex-
Grand Druid vs. the Illuminati Fact or Phantasy?, Harrison, Ark: New Leaf Press.
Ross, C. A. (2006). The C.I.A. Doctors: Human Rights Violations By
American Psychiatrists, Richardson, TX: Manitou Communications, Inc., Originally published as BLUBIRD: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality By Psychiatrists.
United State Senate, Ninety-Fifth Congress, First Session (1977).
Project MKULTRA, the CIA’s Program on Research into Behavioral Modification. Joint Hearing before the Select Committee on Intelligence and the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources, U.S. Government Printing Office; Hosted by Gulf War Vets, Retrieved December 1, 2011 from http://www.gulfwarvets.com/ProjectMKULTRA.pdf
Phillips, M. & O’Brien, C. (1995). Trance Formation of America, Reality Marketing, Inc.

<![CDATA[Unfinished Business]]>Fri, 02 Dec 2016 02:37:06 GMThttp://savemeimyours.com/blog/unfinished-business-begins-here<![CDATA[All About Sneetches and FEMA]]>Thu, 17 Nov 2016 18:42:13 GMThttp://savemeimyours.com/blog/-all-about-sneetches-and-femaI have accepted the challenge I asked of others, to speak to their families, friends and neighbors regarding their life stories. This is the difference between the cities that voted for Secretary Clinton, the protestors, and those who have missed out on the beauty of diversity and unconditional love found in the cities. If you know my story, have read my book, you understand the extreme lengths I am going to. I started my dialogue with my family via Facebook. First I thumped them upside the head, they said ouch and thumped me back, and now we have finally recognized that speaking with a compassionate heart, which we all knew existed in one another all along, is a better approach. The Starbelly Sneetches (Seuss, Dr. (1953, 1954, 1989) have hope of understanding one another. Those who voted for Hillary Clinton come from the cities, where those who craved the shelter of unconditional love found it in the diversity of cities. To the homesick in the cities, it’s time to come home, if only through the magic of the communication age.

Of interest to those who have read my book, my aunt has asked me to look into the FEMA concentration camps that are being built during the “Obama administration”. And the can opener connects with the can of worms. Apparently she doesn’t know yet that I sort of wrote the book on FEMA concentration camps. (Gracey, 2013/2014, pp306-307, 309). It’s time to introduce my family to the three faces of me. Hold your breath. We are in for a ride. 

Gracey, M. (2013/2014) Saving our Children from Ritual Abuse and Nazi Mind Control, Save Me, I’m Yours, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Seuss, Dr. (1953, 1954, 1989) The Sneetches and other stories, Random House, Redbook 65pp. (July 1953) The Sneetches, March 1954, The Zax, renewed 1989. (On Googling Starbelly I found that there is a restaurant in San Francisco, CA called Starbelly. Is it a coincidence that this restaurant is in San Francisco? I think not.

<![CDATA[Calling from the Train]]>Thu, 10 Nov 2016 19:36:51 GMThttp://savemeimyours.com/blog/calling-from-the-trainYesterdays post: The reason I have not unfriended Trump supporters: 

A intend to be on the train that passes by your church every day. 

Andy Andrews tells about a train that passed just behind a church every day like clockwork carrying cattle cars filled with Jews crying for help. The people in the church would sing from their hymnals as loudly as they could to drown out the cries. Andrews calls the chapter "How Loudly are you Singing?" The name if the book is How Do You Kill 11 Million People? Why the Truth Matters More Than You Think. 

<![CDATA[Deplorable]]>Thu, 10 Nov 2016 19:20:28 GMThttp://savemeimyours.com/blog/november-10th-2016The word of the day is deplorable 

This word was challenged and it was said to be inappropriate for a presidential candidate that would represent all the American people, even the deplorable ones. I agreed until I found myself witness to deplorable comments by people I thought I knew and liked. I've decided the word is a bit like the word racist. Folks don't like to be called racists even when they are. 
I have seen posts about Muslims in fear and wondering if they need to leave the country, and comments inviting them to. These commenters do not see Muslims as people. They do not recognize the inherent worth in other human beings. They believe that discrimination is their patriotic right. They lack an education in liberal arts, where the educated learned history and what created it. The educated met people from every walk of life and learned that those who are different are good people, who have suffered. The educated learn what discrimination looks like. 

The word of the day is deplorable. Perhaps it is time to interject it into the education of our fellow Americans who lack an education in what deplorable looks like. 
Become their friends and neighbors. Call them on their deplorable behavior. Point out when their opinions are deplorable and dangerous. 
The Muslims afraid and wondering if they should leave this country are not being unpatriotic. They are afraid the way the Jews were afraid who lived in Germany in the 1930's. To be callous to this fear, is deplorable. Teach. If the problem is recognized as being a lack of education, teach.

<![CDATA[On Your Side]]>Thu, 27 Oct 2016 01:37:47 GMThttp://savemeimyours.com/blog/on-your-side When the police are the bullies who is going to protect me from the police?

The abuse was intentional and sadistic. I was taken from the hospital, to the detention center, because I kicked the officer trying to restrain me. I pressed at the bruise on my wrist while in the rubber room, wondering where I got it. I remembered having cuffs put on me with my hands behind my back and screaming, “You’re hurting me!” I pounded on the door of the rubber room telling them I needed to use the restroom and they gave me a cup of water. I used it to poop in. They decided it was time to move me into a cell with a toilet. I was kept in a freezing cement cell without a blanket, mattress or pillow. It did have a toilet. I was denied medication or medical care for an emergency medical condition.

They know that what they did was wrong. They lied about the date that I was booked because they felt the need to cover up what they had done. It was stated in their own report I was “unwilling/unable” to provide my name and address.

I was arrested for kicking a police officer who was trying to restrain me, while in a hospital. The longer a psychotic episode lasts the more likely I am to have psychotic episodes with more frequency in the future. The police kept me in the detention center for three days without treatment while I was in a psychotic state. The police want to brag about having a hero's job? When any job attracts admiration for a job well done, those unworthy of it need to be weeded.

If you can't tell the difference between someone who is having a mental break and someone who's intoxicated then don't try. It's not your job. As an EMT we are advised not to diagnose. According to my training as an EMT an altered state of consciousness is always a medical emergency. There should be no rubber rooms in detention centers. If it seems there's a need for one the person should be in the hospital. Not all EMTs are heroes. One of my fellow EMTs called his steel toed boots bum kickers.

As a resource teacher I had a student in my class who was classified BD. That's behavior disordered. He hated the police. He had seen the police beat his mother. His mother was a meth addict and probably dealing. Still that leaves an impression on a young boy’s mind. I tried to convince the boy that the police were on his side and that he should call the police if he was ever in trouble. The boy was high risk. Today I regret not being more of an advocate for the boy.

Does it surprise you to hear that I've had respectable professions? There seems to be a misconception that the mentally ill are in a constant state of psychosis. I've had three psychotic episodes since 1997. In the meantime I've been a contributing member of society. Correction, I am a contributing member of society, unless society can find a way to render me an expendable.

The letter from my doctor, which I provide as evidence of my diagnosis, was intended for a different purpose and a different time. My doctor wrote the letter in 2014 because my testimony is important. There is a criminal organization that would like to see me dead, but more than that they would like to discredit me. This organization knows that I'm bipolar and will absolutely use this against me. When I am in a state of psychosis it may be difficult to understand me much less believe what I say. Psychosis has been a rare occurrence in my case. A psychotic episode is an episode not a constant state. This organization in question is notorious for using LSD for the purpose of discrediting their subjects. In fact they invented it, literally, and for that purpose.

I was concerned when I was in the detention center because I thought perhaps the homeless man who spent the night in our condo the night before my psychotic episode occurred had drugged me. I am still not convinced that he had nothing to do with the psychotic episode. If the police had provided me with a drug test in an attempt to prove their accusation that I was intoxicated or under the influence of a drug, it might have provided me with evidence as to whether I was drugged or whether this was a psychotic episode due to mania. 

By the time the police found me walking along highway 201 I had narrowly escaped being hit by two vehicles. The police identified me as having mental problems, but the trooper felt that leaving me at a gas station on the opposite side of the freeway was a more convenient option then dropping me off at a hospital. I was exhausted and a house with an open door was as welcoming as my roommate’s bed had been the last time I had a psychotic episode. A comfortable place to sleep is not accompanied with thoughts of who the sofa or bed might belong to when one is having a psychotic episode. You simply sleep on it. When the police found me I thought they were robbers, so I left the house to find a safer one. I clearly wasn’t making any sense, they said, so one intelligent officer suggested I should be taken to the hospital.

When I was freed from the cement jail hell, because I had decided to participate with their game of book the prisoner, I demanded to know why I was there. A young naïve officer informed me that I had been arrested for public intoxication, assault on an officer, and trespassing. I told the officer I was not intoxicated. I thought maybe the homeless man had drugged and raped me.
Now the officer was determined to assure me, “We are on your side!” 
I pointed to the jail hell behind me and said, “Well that was fun.” He looked confused.
I needed a boy in my classroom to believe the police when they say, “We are on your side.”
The lie is really in the word “we” isn’t it?
Not every EMT is on your side.
Not every teacher is on your side.
Not every trooper is on your side.
Not ever police officer is on your side.
Speak for yourself.
I am a teacher, and I am on your side.
I am an EMT, and I am on your side.
You are a trooper.
Are you on my side?
You are a police officer. 
Are you on my side?
Who are you?
Are you on my side?

<![CDATA[Police Reports when I (the Mentally Ill) am (are) the Subject]]>Fri, 21 Oct 2016 01:02:06 GMThttp://savemeimyours.com/blog/-police-reports-when-i-the-mentally-ill-am-are-the-subject  South Salt Lake Police Department
Nature: Mental Subject

                This is a mental subject case that took place at …. The suspect was transported to …because she was a danger to the public and herself.
…I asked medical personnel for a pink sheet. They informed me that there was no need for one and that they would just blue sheet her.
(From my roommate’s perspective the question was, “What do we charge her with?” The answer was:  Nothing, this is a medical.)
South Salt Lake Police Department
Incident Description: Mental subject.

                Female suspect was having a mental episode. The investigation was turned over to the Highway Patrol.
                …traveling westbound on U-201 at 12000 West, I observed a female…walking along the side of the road. …and was almost struck by two passing vehicles.

Trooper XXXX Removed the handcuffs, placed her in the back of his patrol car and said he would driver her to Lake Point. I then proceeded on my way home.
Sun Jul 31 23:18:20 MDT 2016
Today XXXX’s roommate called and wanted to report XXXX was a missing person. I contacted Highway Patrol to find out where they had dropped off XXXX. I was told by their dispatch she had been dropped off at a Maverik located at 2000 North and SR-36. I contacted Tooele County Dispatch to see if they had received any further calls regarding XXXX’s behavior after UHP had dropped her off.
Tooele County Dispatch advised me XXXX had been picked up by Tooele City PD while trying to break into a person’s house in Overlake and was currently in the Tooele County Jail. I provided this information to the roommate.
Tooele City Police Department
Crime Report
…she did not make sense… She was unable/unwilling to give me her name or her address….
Due to the female’s erratic behavior, I asked Sgt. XXXX to transport her to the hospital….
She attempted to walk away several times and I had to hold her shoulder to keep her from leaving the medical bed. While I was doing so the female kicked me in the inner thigh and attempted to kick me several more times. …Due to the female’s aggressive and non-compliant behavior I decided to take her to the jail.
I transported the female to the Tooele County Detention Center and booked her into jail.
Criminal Trespassing of a Dwelling
Assault Against Peace Officer
I decided to do a bit of research regarding the responsibility the police have in cases such as mine.
I discovered the following terminology:
 “In your care and custody”

(Gary T. Klugiewicz /
State-Created Danger
(HG.org /
The Eighth Amendment to the Constitution
(Nancy Dubler /
BTW: If he “booked her into jail” why was I still being kept in a freezing cell with no blanket, pillow or mattress over 48 hours later because I was, in their own words, “unable/unwilling to give me her name or her address”? And why did they fail to produce an OTN number at the arraignment hearing, and the judge made me responsible for coming up with one. I had as much of a notion about what an OTN number was as I did about what it meant to be booked the day they took me to the detention center. OTN number… apparently I needed to be booked, again….